South African Organic Honeybush Ginger Tea

How to make a cup of thick, warming and delicious cup of Honeybush Ginger tea. Like Chai Latte, I decided to make myself a hot cup of tea in hot milk. Being caffeine free, the tea is also good for the kids. Long story short, a ‘picture’ says a thousand words, why not just watch the video.

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Golden Lily (Chin Suan) Oolong Tea

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If you are a fan of Teasme’s hand picked Formosa Cold Mountain Oolong tea or Chinese Iron Goddess (Ti Kuan Yin), you will want to keep an eye on the shelves for this new Golden Lily. Also known as Chinsuan. A breed of Tai-Cha No.12 tea tree. (In Chinese they look like this – 金宣 台茶12號). A world class Taiwanese oolong tea with beautiful creamy aroma and smooth but lingering flavor. What we have here is a teaspoon, only 2 grams of Golden Lilly tea in a cup of 250ml water.

To make this tea, brew with fresh boiled water. If you live in Christchurch, New Zealand, that simply mean tap water.

Brewing Directions*:

Tea: 1 htsp. (2-3g)
Water: 250ml.
Time: 3-5 min approx. Rebrew up to 4 times, doubling brew time with each brew

* This is the brew we like at tea\’sme, but we know everyone enjoys different strength tea, so please use this as a starting point. Happy brewing.

Pai Mu Dan (Bai Mu Dan) White Tea

I like to introduce Pai Mu Dan brewing formula today because it is one of the hardest tea to measure precisely by words. Usually we tell people x teaspoon of tea per pot. High quality Pai Mu Dan leaves are large, a tablespoon can differ from 1g to 2 g (that’s 100%). If you do not have an accurate scale, the photo gives you an idea what 2g looks like. My tea is measured with tea in whole leaf form without tea dust. If your tea is crashed into small dusts, then it’s best if you can measure it with a scale. I like to use about 2g for a cup. The cup I use is a standard size mug which is approx 250ml. If you want to brew in a pot using my formula. first measure how many cups of tea your pot can serve, then multiply the tea amount. You can certainly increase or decrease the tea volume to suit.

All white teas should be made in 75- 80 Degrees Celsius water. Boiled water can kill the nutrients. The nutrients and anti-oxidants are the reason most people choose to have white tea. If you do not have a thermometer, simply add 1/5 cold water before boiled water to bring the temperature down.

I prefer a consistent cuppa. If I have time, I always use my scale, thermometer and measuring cup. I like to use a timer too. For Pai Mu Dan, I brew 8-10min for my first brew.

If I am going to take my time to enjoy my first cup of tea, I like to pour it into a different cup. This way my tea leaves are not soaked in water constantly brewing. I can save it for my 2nd and 3rd brew. Yes! only 2g, makes 3 cups. That’s about all the white tea you need for a day.

Because white tea takes longer to brew, I may use a lid or cup to cover up the tea while it’s brewing to make sure I have a hot cup of tea. You can certainly use a pot with a lid to do the same thing. However, Pai Mu Dan is excellent when cold or iced!

2nd brew is 15-20min. the colour should be the same as the 1st brew and the strength should be similar.

I will pour the tea out into my cup for the 3rd brew. I will brew for much longer for my 3rd; 20-30min. The 3rd brew wont be a hot cup of tea but I away enjoy it as it’s still very nice. It will be weaker than 1st and 2nd.

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