Golden Lily (Chin Suan) Oolong Tea

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If you are a fan of Teasme’s hand picked Formosa Cold Mountain Oolong tea or Chinese Iron Goddess (Ti Kuan Yin), you will want to keep an eye on the shelves for this new Golden Lily. Also known as Chinsuan. A breed of Tai-Cha No.12 tea tree. (In Chinese they look like this – 金宣 台茶12號). A world class Taiwanese oolong tea with beautiful creamy aroma and smooth but lingering flavor. What we have here is a teaspoon, only 2 grams of Golden Lilly tea in a cup of 250ml water.

To make this tea, brew with fresh boiled water. If you live in Christchurch, New Zealand, that simply mean tap water.

Brewing Directions*:

Tea: 1 htsp. (2-3g)
Water: 250ml.
Time: 3-5 min approx. Rebrew up to 4 times, doubling brew time with each brew

* This is the brew we like at tea\’sme, but we know everyone enjoys different strength tea, so please use this as a starting point. Happy brewing.


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