Matcha Iced Bubble Tea

Japanese Matcha is world famous. It is one of a kind. It represents Japanese tea ceremony and it is also the only tea we hand grind the tea leaf into powder form and ‘drink’ it. The powder is nothing like the CTC grade tea dust in supermarket gun-boots tea bags. We are talking about highly prized Japanese green tea. The powders are made so fine it dissolve in hot water as you stir it in a bow. Nowadays, people are using this green tea powder ‘matcha’ for baking, cooking and flavored decoration on food and deserts. It is so popular that western culture have adapted this ingredient in their beverages. Eg. Matcha Slushy. Here are some examples of Matcha powder mixed with milk creamer and ice. Matcha iced, added black tapioca for a cup of bubble tea!!!Matcha green tea powder on top of milk creamer.

Poured into a cup with black tapioca in it to make bubble tea.

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