Do you know Green Tea goes very well with Sweet Food?

If you have been to Japan you might notice there’s almost always sweet food by the green tea. In 1999, I took a Shinkansen express train to visit my friend in Sendai City, we went to a shrine by the ocean. In the middle of the winter, I experienced my first Japanese traditional tea ceremony. We waited outside setting on our lower legs facing the ocean while a lady in her kimono prepared Matcha in a large bowl inside the shrine. She delivered the teas to us on a tray, each with a few tiny blocks of sweet food wrapped in nice looking packages. We were doing the ceremony properly. We clapped hands and rotated the bowl each time after we drink the tea (we weren’t supposed to drink from the same spot, so we rotate the bowl each time). It was quite an experience.

Since then when I enjoy my green tea with sweet food, I think of that day.
Give it a try. You will see what I mean.
The photos were taken a few weeks ago. There were some pancake topped with very special Maine Maple Syrup (from Maine U.S.A) with lightly oxidised oolong called Pouchong Tea. In Teasme we categorise this tea as an Oolong tea because it has been oxidised. However, on the scale it is very close to green tea family because it is only oxidised 15-20%. Like green tea, it goes very well with sweet food.

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