Hot Meal + Black Tea = Perfect Combo

Would you like some fries with that? What drinks would you like?

Here is another perfect combo for your next spiced dish – simple straight black tea. Most people have their black tea with milk, sugar and sweet food served with breakfast.  Yes.. we all know about our ‘my-home-town -blend-breakfast tea’. These teas are often blended so it creates a good round taste brewed with milk and sugar, not too extreme on either side of the scale. Suites everyone.

I found a cup of nice hot (temperature) straight black tea smooth with spicy food. Often Chinese restaurants have jasmine green, ti kuan yin, pu-erh tea or chrysanthemum tea with the food the serve. Try straight black for a change. For instance Yunnan and Keemun are my choices. These common teas might impress you by surprise.


SGS Tested Taiwanese Oolong Teas

Our tea supplier in Taiwan have gone through SGS testing processes to ensure our tea ex Taiwan meets international food safety standard. The certificates/results have been handed to Teasme. We like to make it available for our customers online. We also stock a wide range of organic tea for customers who likes organic products.

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