Hot Meal + Black Tea = Perfect Combo

Would you like some fries with that? What drinks would you like?

Here is another perfect combo for your next spiced dish – simple straight black tea. Most people have their black tea with milk, sugar and sweet food served with breakfast.  Yes.. we all know about our ‘my-home-town -blend-breakfast tea’. These teas are often blended so it creates a good round taste brewed with milk and sugar, not too extreme on either side of the scale. Suites everyone.

I found a cup of nice hot (temperature) straight black tea smooth with spicy food. Often Chinese restaurants have jasmine green, ti kuan yin, pu-erh tea or chrysanthemum tea with the food the serve. Try straight black for a change. For instance Yunnan and Keemun are my choices. These common teas might impress you by surprise.


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