Malam Ball 2010 – University of Canterbury

Teasme is thankful for many Malaysian international and local students from University of Canterbury.  Attached is the Malam Ball 2010 booklet.  The Malam Ball was held on the 18th of September.

Our contact person in Malam Malaysia 2010 Booklet Malam 2010 Organizing Committee is Grace Wong.


15 Sep. 2010

Four Seasons Spring Gift Sample

We looked at our online store database a few weeks ago. The system allows us to see many supportive customers all over New Zealand who come back to us on regular basis or who have bought a lot of products from our online store. Most of you are not in Christchurch. Probably have never been able to meet us in person at the shop or see our new products. We thought it’s time for us to give back. During this time we had the special sampler packs (not available in store) designed, printed and applied for packaging. We have selected our new “Four Seasons Springs” as our sampler this time which is one of our new popular tea. They are all packed which will be sent to our top 100 online store customers this week. Thank you, we hope you like the tea.

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