Meet Richard, the new work companion

Welcome our new shop front member Richard the gold fish. Richard has been with the family for over 2 years. Recently a kitten has arrived in Richard’s house before Christmas. Upon arrival, the kitten found Richard staringly entertaining.  It has been decided immediately to put Richard’s star quality to work at the finest tea shop in town. Richard is currently working approximately 3-4 days a week at the shop front by the counter.

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Teasme on ZEST (The Press)

An article on Christchurch The Press in the end of 2010 amongst many fine local cuisines


Old boy’s back in town.

One of our early team member Andrew came back to town this week. Andrew is most probably ‘the’ first and still the ‘only’  Kiwi Bubble tea specialist in the country. Andrew has been with Teasme since the beginning and is now living in Japan. Andrew and his wife Motoko have been sourcing nice Japanese teapots and cups for our fans in New Zealand.  It was a very pleasant surprise to have him back with us this New Year. In the new shop, Andrew could not resist revising his ice bubble tea skills behind the counter once again. By brewing the tea from scratch, he made 3 new iced charcoalgrilled oolong for the first time. They came out perfect with nice foam and sparkly bubbles! Oishi (delicious

New Teapots and cups 2010 to 2011.

We have new handmade teapots and cups by master Zhen-Chang Kao from Taiwan this year. The pots are made so perfectly the tea stops pouring when you put a finger on the air in-take hole on the lid. We have also carried his square top tea cups and tea ceremony waste bowl on the shelves. The porcelain thermo mugs have stainless steel infusers inside them for drinking tea. Each mug comes with information of the name and history of the painter whose painting is printed on the mug.

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