Awesome Awesome SNOW!!! Teasme is closed for business today…


No Butt’s Kicked – short film by Teasme & Tobukai Karate members

I decided to put together a 5 min short film 3 days before the submission date. The script was written in the evening. Some Tobukai Karate members and Teasme Tea Shop members were contacted to participate. Most of the footage were shot the next day in the afternoon between 2 to 4.30pm. We used the evening and the next day editing the clips. However, we were notified by the organiser the submission day was to be extended for 4 weeks. So we used more time to fine tune the film and introduced a few more shots in. Filming is fun and we all had a blast making it. We hope you like it too.

Making of video ‘No Butt’s Kicked’.

Some fun stuff we did on the day of shooting the video ‘No Butt’s Kicked’.

A little surprise found…

Why are we in retail or hospitality? Yes, it’s our business but it’s mostly because we enjoy the business – our job.

Today our Japanese neighbour sent me a link. He said someone have posted on a Japanese website saying we are number one. So I had a look at the page​8. 3 years of Japanese language study in university I could… no I couldn’t understand it. But thanks to google translator (introduced to me by a younger generation facebook friend) I was able to use this link and understand most of it.

Thank you. This made my day.

Up your Vitamin C this winter

We have a few baskets of organic lemon in store now


Take one or two with any purchase in store and squeeze some juice in your tea!

The lemons are all rinsed and …

dried for you. They are ready for you to consume. Right away.


I thought it would be unusual to add lemon juice into Oolong tea. But I have never tried it… So I picked the most oxidized Oriental Beauty to try. And it tastes good. Never know until you try.

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