How to make fruit tea and iced fruit tisane

Teasme fruit tisane brewing instruction video taking you through how a perfect pot of fruit tea is made. We also show you how you can turn a hot fresh brew into instant iced fruity joy.



Fruity Strawberry Tisane to TRY

We just made some delicious juicy fruit tisane ready to serve.
Strawberry and many other yummy fruit pieces chopped in large chunky pieces. Zoom! No short cuts, no preservatives, artificial flavouring or colour. This is the real deal.
Pack with rich and flavourful ingredients.
It is ready for test. Try it, hot or iced! We will make it ready for free tasting in the shop this week

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Avenues Sep 2012.- Calling for visitors all around.

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Great article by Pattie Pegler from Avenue. We spoke a couple of months ago knowing she was writing an article about Church Corner area. I thought I knew the area until I read what she wrote. She vividly described all the specialty shops from Church Corner Mall, across the street to Seven and all the way to Dutch cafe; with some mouth watering best sellers and how she indulged herself in the cultured environment and decor. Have a read, it’s a great article.

Recycle, PROUD of Christchurch.

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It’s the rubbish collection day for our area today. I couldn’t help but feel proud of what we do with our wastes in Christchurch. Compare Christchurch population with the rest of the world, we are tiny.

Earlier this year I visited North Shore, Auckland. I helped my friend taking rubbish out to the curbside. I realized Auckland do not have recycle system like Christchurch. It reminded me there were no recycling in New York city and New Jersey when I visited there.

Do you know we export container loads (tons and tons of) recycled plastic and other reusable materials to counties like Vietnam and more? They buy our recycled raw material to produce products because many other counties do not have recycle system.

Besides the red and black jersey, we should be proud of our yellow and green wheelie bins. It’s good for the environment, it is also good for the economy. Here’s our recycled material include a bin nearly full of tea possibly becoming some kind of fertilizer.

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