Lemon Green bubble tea with Ai Yu Jelly

Lemon Green bubble tea with Ai Yu Jelly

something is happening at teasme lab this afternoon



Teasme Sweet Talk and Crew 2011

Fresh Produce in a cup. Honey Lemon Oolong & Earl Grey.

Ok, I admit it. We have had plenty of organic lemons to give away and we have been playing with the lemons too.

The fresh Honey Lemon Earl Grey & Honey Lemon Oolong are available in your cup.
We pick and wash our lemons. Cut and squeezed the fresh juice out before you. Say no worries this cold season because you are about to boost your vitamins.

Did also I mention this choice comes with a FREE serving of tapioca pearl or coconut jelly (optional)?
Have it hot or iced, you will be impressed!

These fresh produce are subject to availability.

Charcoal Grilled Oolong

Many have asked and asked for the old Honey Charcoal Grilled Oolong. Apologies for the wait..Charcoal Grilled Oolong is back for the summer. It is now available at Church Corner Teasme.

Keep COOL This Summer. 

C01: Charcoal Grilled Oolong
C02: Honey Charcoal Grilled Oolong

…are now back ice cold in Church Corner store.

15 Sep. 2010

Tapioca Pearl (Bubbles)

Because SIZE MATTERS!. We have responded to majority’s request by bringing back LARGER Tapioca PEARLS (BUBBLES) for your next full on boba-bubble tea experience.

Honey Charcoal Grilled Oolong

One of the hottest seller this summer was charcoal Grilled Oolong. We used the oolong tea to make this thick and strong tea base that allowed us to dilute and freeze with ice and honey.

Once it’s mixed and shake with our shakers we have our chilled oolong tea. It’s one of our bubble teas but I prefer it without any add-on. Just the tea itself was refreshing with a lot of kick and depth for long lasting tea sensation.

Here are photos of our Charcoal Grilled Oolong teas. Currently we do not have this tea because we have used up all the charcoal grilled oolong teas we imported in the last shipment.  We all miss it.. alot.

The photo below was taken on the first day when charcoal grilled oolong ice tea was introduced in the store. It was a memorable day. The girls wrote it on the board and boom there it goes, fresh iced tea made on the spot to customers’ hands.

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