The last tea tasting ceremoney evening for 2012. It was a beautiful night.

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Tea Tasting Ceremony

Pot Luck Club Tea Tasting Ceremony 4 Dec 2012. (2) Pot Luck Club Tea Tasting Ceremony 4 Dec 2012 Pot Luck Club Tea Tasting Ceremony Sep 2012Tea Tasting Function held at Teasme. It all begin with friends from Tobukai Karate Club and Jade Software. We have also held larger event for St. Thomas. Learn about world’s most famous teas and make it to try after. Here are some recent photos of the events.

Clever with words? WE WANT YOU!

Teasme wants a slogan.

Girl knows the name of the tea shop

tea shop slogan quest for every teasme tea shop customers

Can YOU help?

As a gesture of our appreciation for the ‘winner’, we would like to give you $80 worth of teasme store voucher (terms & conditions apply).

We would like a simple slogan that can tell anyone new to teasme who we are and what we provide that makes you, the customer, happy!

Please post your slogan up or send it to us by private message or

Starts: Now
Ends: We wish we can have one chosen by 25 June 2012


Terms & Conditions:

1. There is no prize if certain word(s) of your slogan is the same or similar to the final winner’s slogan.
2. There is only one winner. If more than one person sends us the slogan we decide to use, the first person who sends it will win the voucher. So please act quickly.
3. The winner’s voucher is to be used in store or on the website store at one time. Not in conjunction with any other discounts. The voucher is nontransferable, no cash back and there is no cash alternatives. It is limited to 5 cups of bubble tea on voucher redemption plus other items (because if the entire voucher is used for bubble teas our arms may fall off).
4. If no slogan is chosen, there will be no winner.
5. We will contact the winner by Facebook after the decision is made. The winner must redeem the voucher within 30 days after our message is sent out.
6. We reserve the right to extend the time of the slogan quest.
7. By participating, you agree that all slogan(s) you sent to the Promoter will become property of the Promoter. The non-winning slogan(s) you submit to us may be used in other promotional materials to the public in the future without notice to you and there will be no further prizes.
9. The decision of Promoter (teasme) in all matters is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Participants are deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions by participation in this slogan quest. Promoter: Teasme Specialty Tea Shop. Church Corner Mall. Christchurch. New Zealand.

Deans Bush Cultural Festival

Teasme was invited to demonstrate tea and tea culture Deans Bush Riccarton House today.

Free tasteing teas were prepared:

Purifying Herbal Tea for Detox

Jasmine Green Tea

Manuka leaf with Spear Mint Tea

Kong-Fu Oolong Tea – Golden Lily

And Teasme’s Flower Bloosome Tea.


The day turned out nice and sunny. It was a nice event.

No Butt’s Kicked – short film by Teasme & Tobukai Karate members

I decided to put together a 5 min short film 3 days before the submission date. The script was written in the evening. Some Tobukai Karate members and Teasme Tea Shop members were contacted to participate. Most of the footage were shot the next day in the afternoon between 2 to 4.30pm. We used the evening and the next day editing the clips. However, we were notified by the organiser the submission day was to be extended for 4 weeks. So we used more time to fine tune the film and introduced a few more shots in. Filming is fun and we all had a blast making it. We hope you like it too.

A Squared Soc

A Squard Soc (University of Canterbury Student club)
Great support from Teasme for the University of Canterbury’s clubs day event! Thundering through cups after cups served by professional bubble tea shakers Steven, Alex and Ex-Teaseme superstar worker Gracie. Gathered up a storm of thirsty students with all eyes on Mango green tea. Great sponsorship with more events to come in the future hopefully! Much love to Teasme ♥

City High Street Shop Closed after 22-Feb Earthquake.

An ordinary day for us at work. I was at Teasme Church Corner working as usual until it was time to go to City to take over Vivian’s  at 1pm. As I drove passed the round about from Riccarton entering the city an earthquake shook my car swing the tail like I was drifting. I tried to call both shops, but all cell and landlines were down. I What happens after is captured in this photo album. At the center of the city, almost all buildings on Columbo St were destroyed (fallen), trees blocked the roads, liquid and sand bursting from the ground. I met Vivian in front of the shop. People were scared, hurt and receiving CPR. After Vivian and I left the shop. We had to go around a few blocks to get back to the car. Here are some more photos. What happened at the City shop was too much for me to lift my camera to take photos. The shop is badly destroyed. Our Church Corner Branch is operating now.

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