One of a kind at Teasme

handmade tea cups

Somethings can be bought, but only once.
If you are in the market for the unique, ONE OF A KIND handmade tea items. There is Teasme Tea Shop.


New Teapots and cups 2010 to 2011.

We have new handmade teapots and cups by master Zhen-Chang Kao from Taiwan this year. The pots are made so perfectly the tea stops pouring when you put a finger on the air in-take hole on the lid. We have also carried his square top tea cups and tea ceremony waste bowl on the shelves. The porcelain thermo mugs have stainless steel infusers inside them for drinking tea. Each mug comes with information of the name and history of the painter whose painting is printed on the mug.

Winter 2010 New Import Tea Pots and Cups.

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Chinese Purple Clay, Taiwan Red Clay and Ceramic tea pots, tea cups, tea vessels and more.

Experience this new range of mood creating and flavour enhancing gadgets ex Taiwan.

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