Teasme in Bakers and Rosters Amsterdam Holland

Bakers and Rosters Amsterdam 2013bakersroastersBakers and Rosters Amsterdam 2013

Teasme Loose Leaf tea served in Breakfast and branch cafe/restaurant in Amsterdam Holland. Photo provided by restaurant owner Julian Kirwan. Bakers and Rosters Amsterdam 2013

Bakers and Rosters Amsterdam ©right by Marcus Koppen all rights reserved



Fruity Strawberry Tisane to TRY

We just made some delicious juicy fruit tisane ready to serve.
Strawberry and many other yummy fruit pieces chopped in large chunky pieces. Zoom! No short cuts, no preservatives, artificial flavouring or colour. This is the real deal.
Pack with rich and flavourful ingredients.
It is ready for test. Try it, hot or iced! We will make it ready for free tasting in the shop this week

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Fresh Ginger Slice + organic Chai. My delight in the first grey and cold this year.

The 6th day of winter 2012. I got up this morning realizing how cold it was. There wasn’t enough natural sunlight for reading in the room. It’s the first time this year I had to turn on the light for reading.

For breakfast I wanted something warm and spicy. How about organic Chai?  Yes, but I needed something more.  Fresh ginger slices? YES! Perfect.

Plus some home baked sweet kumara ‘chips’. Now I can start my reading.

Sapphire Deluxe

If you like Earl Grey, you are going to LOVE this fresh blend of blue flower Sapphire Deluxe. Our variation on Earl Grey. This tea combines the traditional zing of bergamont of orange oil with comflowers to produce a deep red infusion with a mature aroma. A smooth tea that Earl Grey fans will adore.

Morning Tea from the Sky

I placed my clay kettle on snow yesterday waiting for it to be buried.

Today, I made my morning from the sky.

I celebrated the season…

The taste is wonderful!

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Blending new teas summer 2011.

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Four Seasons Spring Gift Sample

We looked at our online store database a few weeks ago. The system allows us to see many supportive customers all over New Zealand who come back to us on regular basis or who have bought a lot of products from our online store. Most of you are not in Christchurch. Probably have never been able to meet us in person at the shop or see our new products. We thought it’s time for us to give back. During this time we had the special sampler packs (not available in store) designed, printed and applied for packaging. We have selected our new “Four Seasons Springs” as our sampler this time which is one of our new popular tea. They are all packed which will be sent to our top 100 online store customers this week. Thank you, we hope you like the tea.

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